The international Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport was founded in 1978 at the First International Seminar on Comparative Physical Education and Sport held at the Wingate Institute of Physical Education in Israel. Since then conferences have been held every two years: Halifax, Canada (1980), Minneapolis, USA (1982), Malente/Kiel, FRG (1984), Vancouver, Canada (1986), Hong Kong SAR, China (1988), Bisham Abbey, UK (1990), Houston, USA (1992), Prague, Czech Republic (1994), Tokyo, Japan (1996), Leuven, Belgium (1998) Sunshine Coast, Australia (2000), Windsor, Canada (2001), Manchester, UK (2002), London, Canada (2004), Melbourne, Australia (2006), Macau SAR, China (2008), Nairobi, Kenya (2010), Mèrida, Venezuela (2012), Moscow, Russia (2014) . Regional conferences of the Society have been held in Maracay, Maturin and Rubio, Venezuela (2005), Varadero, Cuba (2007), Vancouver, Canada (2009) and Shanghai, China (2011). The Twentieth ISCPES International Conference will be held Borovets, Bulgaria in 2017 and a regional conference is planned for Hubei, China in November/December 2017